California Certified Organic Farmers
CCOF is the certifying organization for California farmers. They provide educational materials for the public and act as an advocacy group for organic foods and farming, as well as provide information about becoming a certified organic farmer.
Community Alliance with Family Farmers
The Community Alliance with Family Farmers is an organization devoted to promoting small scale farmers who practice farming principles that are sustainable for the land, local economies and social justice.
Route 1 Farms
Route 1 Farms farmland encompasses beautiful coastal valleys along the San Lorenzo river and Wadell Creek in north Santa Cruz County. Their goal is to provide the finest quality produce at the best value while respecting the land, the people and the surrounding environment.
USDA Organic
The website for the National Organic Program. There are now nationally standardized standards for organic information. The website includes information for consumers, farmers, and regulators.
Kids All Dressed Up
Kids All Dressed Up Mission is "the place to be" during "out of school" hours and "after school" hours.It is important that kids have a place to go after school and during critical out of school hours. Our interactive workshops for youth ages 5-17 build self-esteem, nurtures self-improvement, and fosters essential life long learning skills.
Heirloom Organic Gardens
Heirloom Organics grows an ecclectic variety of fruits and vegetables in Hollister, CA.