Coke Farm has been growing organic fruits and vegetables since 1981, when founder Dale Coke began the farm with a 1/4 acre of organic strawberries.

Since then, Coke Farm has grown and evolved from an organic farming operation into a thriving organic produce aggregation company. Our produce hub represents a diverse group of local organic fruit and vegetable growers located in and around the central coast. We work with our growers to develop growing plans, as well as receiving, cooling, selling and shipping their wide variety of organic produce.

Our modern shipping and cooling facility operates year round in San Juan Bautista, California. We pride ourselves on offering consistently high quality organic and specialty produce to local, regional, national and international markets.


Farm Facts

  • Thanks to our mild climate, we can grow year-round, with unique products in every season.
  • Meyer Lemons, one of our specialty crops, are actually thought to be a cross between a lemon and a mandarin, which explains their deep yellow color and sweet taste.
  • We work with more than 60 local growers, from 5 acre farms to 1,000+ acre ranches. 
  • When looking down from the historic Mission in San Juan Bautsita, one can view our colorful crops and cooling facility to the northwest. 
  • Coke Farm sells many products to local and Bay Area customers, as well as nationally and internationally to Canada, Colorado, Florida, and New York.